Self-Marketing Your Investment

Before you get ready to close your property, you should already have an idea on how you intend to sell the home. You could actually choose to go to a trusted Realtor or a Realtor that was referred to you and presumably someone with a sense of confidence. Although selling the property yourself is what I would recommend, and is the preferred route in flip methodology since it results in reaping the most from each flip, utilizing a Realtor is still not a bad idea. There are certainly lots of valid reasons as to why you should go with an experienced Realtor to sell your home. First, there’s a sense of confidence that someone actually knows what he’s doing. Second, there’s even an “insurance liability” angle to it, figuratively and literally, which acts as a margin of protection in the event that the sale goes bad and the buyer of your flip property exercises their legal recourse in a bad way. All Realtors carry errors and omission insurance by way of their membership to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), a 1.3 million-strong alliance of the best real estate professionals in the country. When things do go bad in a residential real estate transaction, it is usually a result of not properly disclosing a known or unknown condition of the home. But if you have signed-up and are utilizing a private Internet-based MLS, that would already have available state specific disclosure forms to their subscribers, the problem of not getting disclosures signed by the buyer is eliminated. My rule of thumb is that when in doubt: disclose, disclose, disclose! And one of the great aspects about preconstruction real estate investing is that since you’re selling a new product, you’re virtually guaranteed that you’ll never run into these types of problems.

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The Foreign Investment In Real Property Tax Act (FIRPTA)

Canadians have a natural affinity for the warmth and fair weather of the US Sunbelt seeking temporary refuge from the long cold Canadian winters. Colloquially known as snowbirds, these cross-border adventurers flock annually to the US in hopes of staking out their own piece of warm paradise. With the recent collapse of the US housing market and near-parity of the Canadian dollar, thousands of Canadians buy and sell US real estate without fully understanding what exposure they may have to US tax authorities.

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Pay Per Click Advertising – How to Get A Return on Your Investment

Is Pay per click working for anyone?

The model of pay per click advertising looks like a great idea as it guarantees that your ad ends up in front of users in your niche. This can definitely be a good thing, but with the high level of competition in the online environment it is important to spend your money wisely. The old days of only paying a couple of cents per click are gone, especially if you are in a highly competitive niche. There are some important steps to consider when setting up your pay per click campaigns. I will touch on a few of them below and then expand on them.

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